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Miscast Broadway Revue
Oct. 17 | 6:00 PM
Ada Junior High Auditorium

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MONDAY, OCT 17TH | 6:00 PM | Ada Junior High Auditorium

PERFORMANCES - NOV 10,11,12 | 6 PM

The Miscast Broadway Revue presents classic and contemporary music theater hits in a unique way. Performers sing songs they would not normally get to perform as a part of a traditional stage musical. Directed by Ashlie Echard and Holly Vallandingham.

MUST BE 16+ to Audition

Performers should choose a song from a part that they would not be cast for in a traditional stage production. Examples are an adult performing a child's song, a man performing a song written for a woman or vice versa. Those wishing to audition must bring either a backing track or provide sheet music for accompaniment for their audition. A speaker will be provided to amplify a pre-recorded backing track. Please audition with the piece that you would like to perform in the show. There will be no group auditions. The director will have final discretion on song selections and you may be asked to pick an alternative song. There may also be additional group numbers assigned to performers.

If you cannot attend the auditions in person you may also submit a video recording of your performing your chosen piece. Please email the recording to Recorded auditions must be submitted before 8 PM on Monday, Oct. 17.

Performers can expect at least two rehearsals each week leading up to performances.

Please post any questions here or send us an email at

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